How can you use a telescope to look for aliens?

The “wiggly line” Lily talks about in this week’s episode, showing the atmospheric composition of the exoplanet Wasp-96b.
Credit:  NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI

Lily has just about recovered from the excitement of the James Webb Space Telescope’s first science images, and she’s ready for Lloyd’s next question: “How can we use a telescope to look for aliens?”.

With support from Eva-Maria Ahrer (University of Warwick Centre for Exoplanets and Habitability), Lily helps Lloyd to understand how we use telescopes like JWST to figure out what’s in the atmospheres of planets, and what this can tell us about life beyond our solar system.

Credits: Produced by Lily Shepherd. Featuring Eva-Maria Ahrer. Podcast theme written exclusively for us by Ben Vize (@benvizemusic on Instagram).

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