What is dark matter, and how on earth do you look for it?

The final elements of FASER being installed in 2021 (Photo by CERN)

With the reopening of the LHC and the launch of its newest experiment FASER, Lloyd’s been reading about dark matter… and he’s got questions. What is dark matter? And how on earth do you look for something you can’t see?

With help from Dr Michaela Queitsch-Maitland (University of Manchester) and Savannah Shively (University of California Irvine), who both work on FASER, Lily helps Lloyd to understand what dark matter is, how we know it’s there, and why we’re closer than ever before to figuring out where it comes from.

Credits: Produced by Lily Shepherd. Featuring Nathan Welham. Podcast theme written exclusively for us by Ben Vize (@benvizemusic on Instagram).

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