Explaining Science to my Dad

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  • Why can we sing?

    Lloyd wants to know why Lily is a better than singing than him, so this episode’s question is: “Why can we sing?” With help from Nathan Welham from the University of Wisconsin Department of Surgery, Lily explains how human beings are able to use their bodies as instruments, and why some of us are just […]

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  • Why does water have to be so weird?

    In this episode, a question from listener Freddie – “What’s heavier, cold water or hot water?” – leads Lily and Lloyd into a discussion about why water is so important for life on Earth. With help from Elle Bethune from the UK Centre for Astrobiology, Lily explains how water’s weirdness helped life to form on […]

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  • Why are identical twins different?

    Explaining Science to my Dad is back for a new series! In this episode, Lily answers a puzzling question from listener Shirley about why identical twins are often different. With help from Max, Sergio, and Colette from the Department of Twin Research & Genetic Epidemiology, King’s College London, Lily introduces Lloyd to the field of […]

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