Explaining Science to my Dad

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  • How can you use a telescope to look for aliens?

    Lily has just about recovered from the excitement of the James Webb Space Telescope’s first science images, and she’s ready for Lloyd’s next question: “How can we use a telescope to look for aliens?”. With support from Eva-Maria Ahrer (University of Warwick Centre for Exoplanets and Habitability), Lily helps Lloyd to understand how we use…

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  • Why does cake taste so good if it’s bad for me?

    Lloyd has been trying to eat more vegetables, but he can’t stop thinking about cake. Which has got him wondering: why does cake taste so good if it’s bad for us? With help from the king of tasty tomatoes Professor Harry Klee (University of Florida) and author Mark Schatzker (The Dorito Effect, The End of…

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  • Can plastic-eating enzymes really save the planet?

    Lloyd’s spotted something interesting in the news recently: plastic-eating enzymes. This new method of recycling seems to be a perfect solution to plastic pollution, but could it really transform the way we use and re-use our plastic? With help from Daniel Acosta (University of Texas Austin), who is a part of the team behind some…

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